Did you know TripAdvisor allows travelers around the world connect more easily with your hotel?

CORAL is the first Latin American company certified as TripAdvisor Premium Partner, which ensures that our booking engine meets international standards and has the ability to integrate to TripAdvisor´s technology.

TripAdvisor is the world’s largest travel site with more than 200 million views, comments and photos of hotels, restaurants and attractions. With Orbe, you can connect all travelers visiting this network to your website through Instant Booking and TripConnect.

How does it work?

Instant reservation gives travelers all the information they need to book your hotel immediately on TripAdvisor.

How much?

TripAdvisor´s commission model is based on the «payment per booking», this means there are no payments to make in advance, no long-term commitment established and no risk assumed whatsoever.

TripAdvisor provides two commission models, 15% to capture half of the visits and 12% to capture a quarter of the visits.

To configure Instant Booking or TripConnect, you must install ORBE booking engine on your website and request the installation of one of these services to Coral support team. Once one of these services is configured and integrated with ORBE, you will begin to receive direct bookings from your TripAdvisor page to your hotel website. Reservations are made on TripAdvisor pages and sent directly to your ORBE reservation engine. All guests and booking information will come to your hotel from the beginning, so you can control relationship with guests from the beginning.

With Coral you can show your hotel to over 40 million people worldwide and increase your direct sales with ORBE through Instant Booking and TripConnect.

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