Why is direct selling a better business for your hotel?


To increase direct sales and reduce commission payments through a booking engine, it is the way to increase profitability and net income per hotel room.

What is ORBE booking engine?
ORBE booking engine for hotels is an online booking system designed to meet real business needs and easy to use for customers. It allows you to display real-time discounts, control your inventory or sell directly from your website and TripAdvisor without going through intermediaries.

Why your hotel should have ORBE booking engine?
• Mobile interface
• Generation of sales reports, notifications and customized notifications for customers
• Integration with TripAdvisor, expedia.com, booking.com and HotelBeds.com
• Online payment with authorized banks in the market
• Multilingual design

With CORAL you may increase direct sales and lower commission payments through ORBE Booking, a solution of online reservations and payment that is incorporated into your website designed to meet the needs of hotels, rental apartments, car rental, transfers, sale of package tours, among others.

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