Social Networks: A Tool to Boost Marketing and Sales


Social Networks are responsible for bringing together a large number of users simultaneously eliminating the distance between them. They are in the category of online marketing that grows faster. Facebook already has 500,000,000 users, Twitter more than 100,000,000.

1. They allow you to establish a direct relationship with your customers before they reach your Hotel and once they leave.

2. It has great power of expansion. Every fan on Facebook on the web of your hotel is a person who regularly recommends your hotel to friends.

3. Integrate it into your official website. You can integrate it with your official website or internal blog generating much more value.

4. Marketing through social networks allows to generate confidence to potential customers and make their products and services known to their fans and followers. Social networks are the ideal framework to introduce products and be able to insert information about them in a fun and varied way, talk about their benefits and make them accessible to your followers – potential customers – in a way that generates the trust and a empathy necessary for your business to succeed in social networks.

With CORAL you can promote yourself and be close to your customers, with cutting-edge technology, and advertise offers, promotions and novelties through our Marketing Online service.

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