Channel Manager :Save time and Control parity

Hotel distribution is one of the most complex tasks in the tourism sector. Much of this difficulty has to do with the choice of distribution channels, due to market fragmentation and the constant need for innovation in technology.  In addition to the OTAs, platforms as TripAdvisor have launched their own tools to book hotel rooms online, becoming an OTA through its Instant Booking tool.

Using a channel manager saves time and money significantly, while allows inventory control from a single interface. Choosing a suitable channel manager is essential for profitability.

What is a Channel Manager?

It is a software tool to manage all your inventory from a single interface and distributes it to all supported channels quickly and easily.

What are the advantages?

  • Manage all inventory from a single application
  • Save of time and money.
  • Control of equal prices across all channel
  • Increased exposure and online distribution channels therefore more reserves.

Coral takes your business to a global audience giving maximum exposure through the big names like Booking, Expedia and TripAdvisor through our Channel Manager service and Orbe Booking.

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