TripAdvisor makes it easy for travelers worldwide to connect with your hotel

We are the first Latin American company certified as TripAdvisor Premium Partner Awards, which ensures that our booking engine meets international standards and integrates to TripAdvisor technology.

Instant Booking gives travelers all the information they need to book your hotel on TripAdvisor immediately through ORBE Booking Engine:

TripAdvisor captures reserves with Instant Booking

  • Check the relationship with customers from the first moment
  • Commission model based on the «pay for stay»; without risks
  • Without commitment o anticipated costs

How much does it cost?
TripAdvisor commission ​model ​is based on the «pay for stay», this means there are no advance payments, no long-term commitment and no risk taken.

To set TripConnect Instant Booking you must install ORBE B​ooking E​ngine on your website. Then we will configure TripAdvisor Instant Booking for you. Once configured, you will start receiving direct bookings from TripAdvisor. Reservations are made on TripAdvisor pages and sent directly to your ORBE Booking Engine. All guests and booking information comes to you from the beginning, so you control the relationship with your guests from the beginning.

With Coral you will be able to show your hotel to more than 40 million travelers worldwide and increase your direct sales up to 30% with TripAdvisor Instant Booking and Orbe Booking Engine.

For more information contact us at [email protected]

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